Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sunday Bunny Sunday

Easter sunday doesn't usually amount of much these days with my family as we all kinda have our own crap to deal with. But as my abuelita (grandmother) has just been released from the hospital, the whole dang family came up to the house! so this is a rundown of my day,

  1. fixed my antivirus
  2. made bombass potato salad
  3. ate spicy enchiladas
  4. hung out with family
  5. watched King of Kings with them
  6. Held Abuelita's hand during an earthquake
  7. stuck my toe in my lil cousin's face
  8. crocheted a stupid lookin hat.

so yeah I'd say thats a damned good day :D

Soooo happy easter to all those who celebrate and happy sunday to those who don't. :D

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