Monday, April 12, 2010

ohhh messenger misshaps

HIM: How are you rockmybobbysocks
ME: good thanks how are you
HIM: Oh I am fine thanks and might I say you look very pretty
ME:aww thank you very much. :D
HIM: and yes I say that as a Bisexual male
ME:well thanks.
HIM: To be up front and open can I ask you a question of a sexual nature
ME:not really.
ME:I mean I don't see the point of it at this level of conversation
HIM: Thats cool, your a nice lady dont mean to offend
ME:its all good.
HIM: Ah yes
HIM: ITs just two ladies last night, like me talking about me as a bi sexual, and I am now friends with one
ME:you're goin to ask anyway aren't you?
HIM: But em, well your a nice lookin lady and I dont wish to offend
HIM: Em well...
ME:feel free to ask but don't get angry if my answer isn't what you want to hear
HIM: Oh no, these to nice hethro ladies, I asked them if they like Gay porn as men having sex with one another
ME:and waht did they say
HIM: Well it was quite erotic, one liked it and one of ladies Loved Gay sex porn and me talking about gay sex
HIM: and straight sex
ME:so whats your point?
ME:or where's your question?
HIM: I was just a little curios and shocked at this women's love of Gay sex erotica,
But not to offend you
ME:you said you had a question...
ME:i'm still waiting for it.
HIM: I looked at you and thought you were cute
HIM: Oh do watch much homosexual porn, or just straight or none
ME:not really. just don't seem to have the time for it.
HIM: Ah yea each to her own
HIM: But whatever about porn, what are you views on male Bi sexuality
HIM: But alas I most go, nice chattin to you

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