Monday, April 12, 2010

ohhh messenger misshaps

HIM: How are you rockmybobbysocks
ME: good thanks how are you
HIM: Oh I am fine thanks and might I say you look very pretty
ME:aww thank you very much. :D
HIM: and yes I say that as a Bisexual male
ME:well thanks.
HIM: To be up front and open can I ask you a question of a sexual nature
ME:not really.
ME:I mean I don't see the point of it at this level of conversation
HIM: Thats cool, your a nice lady dont mean to offend
ME:its all good.
HIM: Ah yes
HIM: ITs just two ladies last night, like me talking about me as a bi sexual, and I am now friends with one
ME:you're goin to ask anyway aren't you?
HIM: But em, well your a nice lookin lady and I dont wish to offend
HIM: Em well...
ME:feel free to ask but don't get angry if my answer isn't what you want to hear
HIM: Oh no, these to nice hethro ladies, I asked them if they like Gay porn as men having sex with one another
ME:and waht did they say
HIM: Well it was quite erotic, one liked it and one of ladies Loved Gay sex porn and me talking about gay sex
HIM: and straight sex
ME:so whats your point?
ME:or where's your question?
HIM: I was just a little curios and shocked at this women's love of Gay sex erotica,
But not to offend you
ME:you said you had a question...
ME:i'm still waiting for it.
HIM: I looked at you and thought you were cute
HIM: Oh do watch much homosexual porn, or just straight or none
ME:not really. just don't seem to have the time for it.
HIM: Ah yea each to her own
HIM: But whatever about porn, what are you views on male Bi sexuality
HIM: But alas I most go, nice chattin to you


Seriously? Or my personal fave “for reals!?”

Percentages of Hell!!!

So after weeks of being on this site I started to realize its just like every other dating site as the percentages really mean nothing. I mean it is basically telling me that you answered 98% of your questions exactly like I did.

Do you know what this tells me?

You are my carbon copy. Why the hell would I want to date my carbon copy? I don’t want to date myself. Not to say I’m not awesome… because I am. :p

And how do they decide what is enemy, what is friend and what is match? I’m very curious how they function on a scientific and analytical level. Where does this info come from considering that most of the questions on the site are created by users?

I answer the questions and kinda chuckle at them as I wonder how can some of these questions have any bearing on your ability to match someone? And I find myself choosing irrelevant as to my matche’s answer.

Are people looking for their twin or their other half?

I was looking for someone who would challenge me and not always agree with me but who would be compatible with me on a different level. I find now that okcupid is free for a reason, just like other free dating sites and other sites people pay for but don’t get much more out of it. It’s a lot of fun to meatmarket style shop for a man but its no better than any of the others.

Strange how that works.


Dear cupid,

What kinda crack are you smoking matching my high percentages with pretentious guys who smack of elitist mindframes and haughty thoughts and actions? Am I not aware that I myself am the same as them? Should I be re-evaluating myself as a human being by the matches you find would work with me? Let me know how that works.

Or you can just deliver me what I want. :p

Unknowing snob???

PS: another guy messaged me today to ask if he could ask me a question of a sexual nature in which I answered “you just did.” And thanked him before blocking him. Awesome filters!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sunday Bunny Sunday

Easter sunday doesn't usually amount of much these days with my family as we all kinda have our own crap to deal with. But as my abuelita (grandmother) has just been released from the hospital, the whole dang family came up to the house! so this is a rundown of my day,

  1. fixed my antivirus
  2. made bombass potato salad
  3. ate spicy enchiladas
  4. hung out with family
  5. watched King of Kings with them
  6. Held Abuelita's hand during an earthquake
  7. stuck my toe in my lil cousin's face
  8. crocheted a stupid lookin hat.

so yeah I'd say thats a damned good day :D

Soooo happy easter to all those who celebrate and happy sunday to those who don't. :D