Sunday, March 28, 2010


So apparently I"m destined to not be like everyone else and neglect their cold/flu/malaria to the point of deliriousness and THEN!! go see a dr. nooo I have to wake up with the left side of my face swollen and tender.

Dear Sinuses,

Do you hate me for a specific reason? Or are you just general haters?? Is it because almost 10 years ago I pierced my nose?? Or maybe because I decided nasal spray made my eyes water?? Or are you just treating my face like crap today because you hate for fun?

I would like you to know that the minute the ability to remove you from my face is a possibility you're gone. outta here. fired. No Severence.


Yas' Face.

So tonight, I plan to go see a Dr. as I woke up today instead of just having a headache or a lil cough, I ended up with swelling and pain. WOO! my nose is clogged and running at the same time and I'm now in crotchety old curmudgeon mode from sickness. so yeah... I'm hoping they can just take me outta my misery.

and who knows.... maybe my Dr. will be some incredibly fantastic single Dr who wants to take care of my sinuses 24/5 (he'll get his allotted days off okay!?)

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