Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Beginning of the End. OR.... The End of the Beginning.

How else could I start this?

I'm sitting in my mint green fleece penguin pajamas, watching Alfie and contemplating the next project on my hands. Thats it... Thats how I'll invite you into my world.

You see i'm a very busy girl who actually has absolutely no life. If it were not for outside influences, I'd have nothing to talk about. Don't get me wrong, the opinions come flying at me like fastballs in the 9th inning. (i hate baseball) but I could give a damn about what goes on around me unless I'm going to gripe about it. Its what I do best, Bitch and Craft.

I started crochet when I was in high school when my grandmother taught me the shell stitch and I made my first unfinished project. YES UNFINISHED! I started it got quite far, and ran out of yarn. Instead of buying more yarn, I just tied it off and went on my merry way, leaving the needles and hooks to other girls.

After years of goofing with fine art, fashion design and even shoe addiction, I've picked up the hook again and even migrated to the needle.

You see, that's how all this nonsense starts, Sewing is like pot, crochet like meth, knitting like cocaine and tatting like heroin. I'm not at the tatting level yet. Not that hopelessly addicted. I've stopped atcoke. I have morals ya know!

So there you have it, once in a while i'll get totally shitfaced on yarn and create something halfassedly amazing. you'll see it, in between my rants to the world about how crappy it can be on a daily basis.

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